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Visualize Data, Discover Trends, Share Findings

Genialcloud Analysis

Genialcloud Analysis is the self service Business Intelligence Cloud solution that allows to identify, interpret and share meaningful business information. Custom templates, dashboards, reports, multi-dimensional analysis, predictive modelling and geo-marketing tools allow to extract the most relevant insights from any data source.

Genialcloud Analysis provides organizations with an accurate, real- time view of company performance. The simple and intuitive web interface and wizards allow users to extract, in self service mode, insights from any structured data source and presents this information through views, dashboards and custom reports.

The innovative Hybrid Proxy technology ensures maximum security allowing to have the application in the Cloud and to keep data in its own data center without having to transfer them via the internet enabling to implement hybrid Cloud scenarios.

The Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution allows users to autonomously access and work with business information, analyze critical information and more with the least amount of IT intervention. Available on the Cloud, completely self service, Genial Cloud Analysis can also be deployed locally (On Premise). Cloud services are available directly through a network of certified data centers in Italy, Canada and around the world, both in public and private mode.

Data Models Data models are used to create views. Dashboards and reports are built in self service mode by the user without any technical skills. Users have the ability to view a simple list of fields (measures and dimensions) extracted from a data source query (relational or not) and does not perceive the complexity of the data source. The model created can be shared with other users.

Genialcloud Analysis
Available at any time, and compatible with the latest browsers, OS, desktop computers and mobile devices. Always kept up to date with latest builds to give you peace of mind
You now control your technology spend. With Genialcloud Analysis, you choose the component you need when you need it. They all integrate seamlessly with each other
With different configuration models to choose from (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premise), you decide which model is right for your needs. You can easily switch from one model to another at any time.
With Genialcloud there is no need to install any software or infrastructure. With hassle free private and public Cloud versions available on a self-service model, you can now leverage substantial cost savings
Bringing the power of data to every user in your organization
Makes it easy for all users to get access to the right data at the right time to make informed decisions
We partner exclusively with certified data centers around the world to bring you the best value for public and private Cloud services. As a Cloud Solution partner (CSP) we also have access to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
Improve your TCO by harnessing the power of Analytics in the cloud
Real-time view of any data
Improves business efficiency through continual monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs)
Turns any structured data into actionable insights in order to improve the timeliness and accuracy of business decisions
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  • SSRS Connectors

  • Genialcloud
  • Standard connectors
  • Advanced Connectors
  • XLS Connectors
Analysis PowerViews allows to select one of the data models available and to build views made of grids (pivot/flat) and/or graphs or maps.

Users can view, navigate and aggregate data for analysis in a simple and intuitive way.

These views can be saved, shared with other users and exported in the most common formats (pdf, xlsx, csv, html).
Analysis Dashboard allows to easily monitor key business combining all the data needed into personalized real time dashboards.

It provides graphical and/or tabular views of data models among those available.

It is possible to author dashboards with grids (pivot and flat), maps, graphs, filters, with data browsing ability through drill.

Dashboards can be saved and shared with other users.
An integrated web report designer within the application allows to build autonomously its own reports, connected to one or more data models.

It is possible to select among a wide array of styles such as grids, tables, graphs, maps and insert customizable graphical elements.

These reports can be saved and shared with other users. It is possible to schedule report distribution through email, web, cms, dms and others, at any time and with any format (Excel, PDF, TIFF, XML, CSV, Word, HTM and other).

Connector to access Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Helps utilize the RDL report (Report Definition Language) directly from Genialcloud Analysis.

Through this component the Genialcloud Analysis administrator is able to set up a connection to the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and to make available the connection to the end users that can access and navigate reports prepared and published in Microsoft Reporting Services.

Defines connections to the databases used by other Genialcloud solutions that are used on the Cloud (Genialcloud Proj and Genialcloud Freedoc).
Defines connections to the following data sources:
  • Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Tabular Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • AS400/DB2

The user can build data models connected to the preferred source and use them to build Views, Dashboard and Reports.

Connector Proxy Allows to safely access its own data directly from the Cloud, without having to set complex and/or expensive transfer via network, enabling to implement a Hybrid Cloud scenario. Compatible with the most common relational sources (SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 iSeries), it ensures maximum security thanks to the most sophisticated protection systems supported (HTTPS, AES, RSA, DIGITAL SIGNATURE). In order to optimize network traffic, accessed data is treated with compression algorithms to reduce its size, keeping information content unchanged.

Provides the ability to define connections to the following data sources
  • Microsoft Azure Tables
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google Apps
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Json
  • MongoDB
  • Odata
  • RSS
  • XML
  • SalesForce.com
The definition of a Connection object for one of these data sources, allows users to build data models connected to the preferred source and to use them as sources for the construction of Views, Dashboard and Report.

Provides connectivity to Excel files to be used as data sources to build models.

Mobile BI: Your Data - Anywhere, Anytime

Rich reporting and analytics when and where you want them.
  • Native support for iOS and Android devices
  • Instantly explore information, uncover problem areas and find answers all from your mobile device

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