Genialcloud Mail: The CLOUD professional e-mail service for Companies

Genialcloud Mail

E-mail is now in the CLOUD

Genialcloud Mail offers a customized e-mail solution providing dedicated storage availability, standard mail boxes and VIP boxes with very high capacity.

The service is delivered in the Cloud by our data centers throughout the country, built and operated according to the latest international standards, which ensure the highest data security.

Much more than a standard e-mail service, thanks to groupware applications, delivered through a browser from any device, designed to facilitate collaboration and enhance productivity.

The activation of the solution requires a preliminary migration activity of the mailboxes to our infrastructure (carried out transparently and in service continuity).

Genialcloud Mail

Flexibility and scalability

Collaboration and sharing

Highest security

Anywhere, any device

Much more than an e-mail service
The CLOUD e-mail that empowers collaboration
traditional mode
The service can also be used in a traditional way through any e-mail client
Antivirus and antispam services included
Webmail with possibility to manage filters and rules directly on the server (eg. vacation auto-reply)
Service delivery through dedicated virtual server with data backup retention. Recovery of up to 15 days back
reduction in cost of ownership
No hardware and maintenance costs for e-mail service management
file manager
File manager for file exchange among users through the Internet
Personal calendar shared with all organization users. Memos and notes management
Address book
Shared address book with all the organization
always accessible
E-mail accessible from any device through Web responsive interface
Dedicated solutions tailored to meet specific business needs

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