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Share information, streamline workflows, collaborate any time, anywhere

Genialcloud Freedoc

Available on the Cloud, completely self service, it can also be installed locally (On Premise). Cloud services are available directly through a network of certified data centers in Italy, Canada and around the world, both in public or private mode.

Genialcloud Freedoc is the collaboration and sharing self service Cloud solution that includes enterprise level tools for Document Management and Unified Communications.

The document management components allow users, both inside and outside the organization to securely store, share and exchange information in any format. By combining EFSS capabilities together with traditional document management functionalities, it represents the next generation in document collaboration, storage and sharing. Available on the Cloud, completely self service, it can also be installed locally (On Premise). Cloud services are available directly through a network of certified data centers in Italy, Canada and around the world, both in public or private mode.

Genialcloud Freedoc
Cloud application, fully accessible from the web
Developed with the latest technologies, it is available at any time, from any browser and operating system, both on computers and on mobile devices
Totally self service modular platform
Actionable with a number of components that can be selected as desired and purchased separately, usable in self service mode and that integrate seamlessly with each other
Flexible configuration and usage scenarios
The available configurations allow maximum freedom of choice with Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On Premise scenarios with freedom to move from one model to another at any time

Content at your fingertips
Extracts the value from your corporate information assets and consolidates key information to improve company-wide decision-making
Enterprise-level security
Ensures document integrity and retention required for regulatory compliance and “total quality” best practices
Get rid of paper and save time and money
Facilitates the migration to a paperless office reducing costs for internal and external distribution of documents.

A true Unified Communications solution
Integrates multiple communication tools - chat/instant messaging, fax and web conferencing - under one intuitive interface to enhance multi-party communications and collaboration
Face-to-face meetings minus the travel
Leverages existing IP networks to eliminate the cost of travelling for business
Enhanced collaboration tools
Improves team and personal productivity while reducing workplace inefficiencies
  • Collaboration
  • Secure Storage
  • Scanstation Pro
  • Worflow
  • Presence
  • Facsys
Freedoc Collaboration is the enterprise level component to manage and search for documents. Integrates synchronization, collaboration and business information sharing functions, along with those of traditional document management.

Creates a collaborative environment where people, inside or outside the company, can safely store, share and exchange structured and unstructured business information, regardless of their format.

Provides a centralized and shared repository for managing information, metadata, full-text indexes, tags, checkout / checkin, versioning, full search, permission management, publishing and archiving. Local and remote users can easily share content and keep track of document changes.
Manage Business Critical Content
  • Powerful version control tracks changes and allows rollbacks when needed
  • Full text search will change the way users search and locate information
  • Filters and tags allow users to refine search criteria
  • Rich media support lets users manage corporate information regardless of format

Familiar, intuitive interface gets users up and working quickly
  • Easy to use for every user level
  • Web-based application provides all users with easy access to the document repository
  • Reduces the requirement for end user training and support, and ultimately increases ROI

Social collaboration
  • It is possible to create and manage content portals and documents to shared workspaces for specific user groups (Social Space)
  • Users can annotate and share comments on documents
  • Employees and customers or supply chain partners can be involved in workspaces

Single Copy – Always in Sync Thanks to the synchronization functions, user files are automatically synchronized between their PC or laptop and their cloud folder, keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.

Freedoc Secure Storage is a client tool that manages legally compliant storage, digital signature with timestamp, documents offline backup, encryption storage medium burning.

Control measures ensure content integrity required for compliance with legal regulations
  • Digital signature and time stamp guarantee document integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation
  • Document integrity is a requirement to be compliant with legal regulations in many countries and to be in line with company regulations
Freedoc Scanstation Pro is a client tool, that controls the acquisition of images and metadata from scanner or file systems, OCR and Barcode.

Allows scanning and document conversion with OCR type recognition, ICR, BarCode, which greatly increases productivity of those who scan paper documents, bringing efficiency in business processes and improving information security and compatibility with document processes.

Give your documents a digital life
  • Automatically identifies and separates scanned documents through barcodes, patch codes, text detection or document layout
  • Indexes documents by extracting key data for further processing, analyzes metadata for classification and routes through sync & share
  • Drivers with high performance for ultra-fast scans
  • Documents scan with zonal or total font recognition or based on barcode
  • Different tuning parameters for scan and OCR
  • Scanned documents or imported from a print spooler
  • Compatible with a wide variety of scanners, multifunction printers, photocopiers and fax servers

Freedoc Workflow enables workflow implementation in case of documents publication helping organizations improve operations and carry out work efficiently and effectively.

Drive business efficiency BPM helps organizations get work done intelligently and effectively. Through its powerful functionality and model-driven framework, Freedoc BPM offers a strong platform for effective modeling across the enterprise.
  • Includes a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes
  • Features a web-based business process modeling environment with support for advanced queue management and multichannel alerts
  • Integrated workflow engine drives key business processes

Fully Compliant Processes Audit trails maintained throughout the business process lifecycle from design to deployment and optimization ensure that processes are in line with current legislation and organizational goals.
  • E-mail notifications and approvals keep all parties updated automatically
  • Accepts processes initiated within any integrated business application (including e-mail clients) through API

Freedoc Weblive is a browser-based, multi-platform web conferencing solution that allows attendees to collaborate by sharing audio, video, documents and desktop in real time – from any smart device, anywhere and anytime.

Meeting Face-to-Face in High Definition
  • Conduct video enabled web meetings with 1080p HD video and audio
  • Ideal for sales demos, group meetings, online training, virtual classrooms, process-specific activities, help-desk and technical support

Brainstorm and Collaborate Live collaboration is one of the most important aspects to keep a meeting interactive. Freedoc Weblive includes the tools for effective communication and collaboration.
  • Includes advanced collaboration tools such as white boarding and annotation
  • Options for participant notification to slow down, request assistance and voting

Record your Meeting Freedoc Weblive offers users the option to record meetings or any other content and distribute it through high quality multimedia to large audiences over the internet. All recorded videos are stored in a library, which is available to users upon logging into their accounts.
  • After a Freedoc Weblive recording has been enabled and completed, the video is sent to the enabled users through email
  • Multiple options to set up recording during a Freedoc Weblive

Toll-Free included Users can access Freedoc Weblive audio using the computer VoIP audio with no limits on call duration or number of users joining the meeting

Freedoc Presence integrates multiple communication tools - chat/instant messaging, fax and web conferencing - under one intuitive interface to enhance multi-party communications and collaboration

Chat & Live Presence
  • Collaborate with users instantly by using desktop sharing, document sharing, video calling, and more
  • Built-in integration with Microsoft Outlook (other open APIs available)
  • Reduce delays with real-time presence information and instant messaging
  • View user's availability, and chat with individuals or groups, within and outside your organization
  • Chat with the desired point of contact from anywhere using any smart device/PC

Soft Phone The most beneficial component of Freedoc Presence, the soft phone, takes telephony to the next level with must-have features such as phonebook sync, call records, call forwarding, call waiting and more.
  • Back end connects to the PBX system, enabling soft phone use even when working remotely.
  • Also integrates with third party PBX systems

Quick Meeting Start a Webmeeting instantly or schedule it for the future. The Freedoc Presence interface makes setting up a meeting as simple as clicking a mouse.
  • Jump to a Web Meeting directly from the Presence client and invite other users to join
  • Assign a password to the meeting in order to make it secure

Freedoc Facsys enables complete management of enterprise fax communications. Automates the flow of fax messages directly to e-mail inboxes and network repositories without routing to any third-party servers - ensuring the highest level of security for your confidential documents.

Take advantage of powerful fax server features without having to buy or maintain one.
  • No need to own and maintain expensive fax lines
  • No account or service setup fee
  • 10 or 1,000 pages, you pay the same cost per page
  • Setup the application once and never touch it again

Channel Connector Connector to the telephone channel to send and receive faxes through Freedoc Fax. Based on the esteemed traffic, it is possible to configure Freedoc Fax so that the incoming and/or outcoming data traffic is managed by more communications channels ((analogic, digital, FoIP- Fax over IP)

MFP Connector Connector for the integration between Freedoc Facsys and Multi-Function Printers. A connector includes up to 10 MFP Connections for server.

Office 365 Connector Connector that enables the integration between Freedoc Facsys and the e-mail Cloud provider included in Microsoft Office 365 suite to send and receive faxes through an e-mail address properly configured on Outlook 365

Mobile Collaboration
Work the way you want and where you want.
  • Secure access to on-premise and cloud content repositories
  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Easy access to content, anywhere - anytime

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